This Moment In Time!!! Collaboration with.God by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Hello World
Another Day In Palm Springs-Palm Desert
We are all so lucky to see the beauty that our lord has created,
Take your time to see to hear to be
When you wake up in the morning look at the sunshine or the clouds
Every day is a blessing Did you know that?
We never know what the next moment has in store for us.
There is that old saying Its Later Then You Think
 Try To Enjoy

The Greatest Artist Ever!!!
The Moon, The Stars, The beautiful Universe.
What do you see? Do you think of eternity...I can feel the feel it, when praying or meditating.
We all have our own way of praying and believing, We have been given a free will.
In Your own way let us pray for Peace among all nations.
I hope with faith ,that every wish comes true for you
With love for all ....Sherri Of Palm Spring

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