My Beautiful Jade, love him

Jade was my first lab, he was such a wonderful animal. I had him for 8 years but finally I had to put
him to sleep. You see one day when Jade and I were in my office on my computer doing my artwork
he always was laying next to my desk and me. he started to shake trememdously. Oh My God I kept
saying and it was such a shock. Fortunately my husband was home and he held him down till I got a cold towel. I of course called the vet and  he told me to come in when he was better. sure did get there assoon as we could.. what a terrible experience for him and me.. I couldn't believe what he had gone through. He gave me pills and Jade had those pills till he died. 
Jade went on with his seizures for the 8 years.. he also fell on his back and just was in lots of pain .. but never gave up.. if a ball was around he wanted to run and have my wonderful lady.. (Honeygirl my little dog that just died).. run after him.. one day he just fell running so Honey girl couldn't catch him... well one day he just fell, his front legs gave out I couldn't stand to see him in pain any more... The Worst thing I had to do was to go to the vet and put him to sleep.. OMG.. I still miss him.. he was my special lab.. and always will be.
Those of you who have wonderful loving buddys know what I mean.. 

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