My Precious Kitty, you will just love her.. she is a rescue by Sherri's Of Palm Springs

precious.. she is just that!!Please always check their is always a sale going on at Redbubble...honestly sometimes I miss it.. I would hate for you to do that.. so I am just being honest with you.. SherriMy sweet friend Dawn Eastsider love I want her to be here next to my precious and for you to see her art…beautiful!!!,…My husband came out of the Mall 2 years ago on Christmas was really cold here in the desert. When he was ready to open thecar door he looked downand there was this itty bitty kitty on the tire of the car…needless to say he picked him up and brought her home…We thought she was gray, but when I put her in the warm water and cleaned her she was as white as she is now…Precious has one bad eye apparentlyfrom a branch or something in her little journey tothe store…What a wonderful Christmas Present ..I felt she was God given.. She was!!!!!…I was so excited to have this little one here to join our family and the rest of my zoo…lol

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