Hello Dear Friends
I have been a friend with many wonderful people of India, I find they are the kindest and sweetest and very talented. I would  hope 
I could show some of there art
I was honored just recently to be part of their Associate Team http://www.lenseye.co/ online news publication. They had worked on their Lenseye for several years before they opened to the public. I don't imagine it is a easy project to do..
Wouldn't you agree? I will give you the link and if you would like press the links that would be nice
There are certain countries that I would love to travel to, India was definetly one of them.. 
I have found that India is such a interesting country. I love the womens Jewelry, and the fabrics
oh my are so beautiful.. http://www.lenseye.co/
Well I will write on another day
Peace, love and kindness to all nations
Sherri Nicholas

If You see this coming a couple of times its because the blog is giving trouble... In preview it is perfect when I publish it.. it all over the place
by have a good evening

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