When Life Begins, by Sherri's Of Palm Springs

 Sherri Nicholas- less than a minute ago LIFE and LOVE begin does the love always stay? My mom use to say believe that life is not a BED OF ROSES When I think of that saying, they really ARE negative words It true but instead… Think!! LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES!!! From child on and through our lives we don’t need negative thoughts its hard enough to keep your self going…. so the strong will ..think It is A BED OF ROSES,We need to stay in the right places Where are the right places…For me it is my God and me inside for those that are still looking… God Bless You , Life can turnaround!! BELIEVE IN GOD AND YOUR SELF!!! STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE, AND LOOK FOR ALL THE BEAUTY IN LIFE Share The Love, Peace and Kindness to all Sherri

I can do this without the message .. thank you to my dear people that have ordered and requested it
have to contact me...sherrilove11@gmail.com

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