My painting is done with acrylic on canvas…colored stones and glass..with a top coat of resin When I was painting this I thought of old souls and new souls, ask me why? I couldn’t tell you, could be that I have had so many loved ones pass away. In my heart I believe that my relatives are around us all the time. My personal experience: I was driving and saw this car coming at me. apparently he had lost control because of the icey streets of our Chicago suburbs. The snow and cold was pretty freezy that year hehe…like most years…This accident happened 3 days after my dad died. well just like in the movies I was flying all over the place and I saw this tree and I was going right for it and prayed I wasn’t going to run into it and Thank God I didn’t- I came to a stop on the edge of a gully and 2 inches from a tree.. I thought my dad must have can’t take my baby girl now she has to much to finish in her journey of life..As I looked around nothing hurt, just shocked, I saw a house way in the distance..and of of course there was about three feet of snow…well In my four inch high heels II walked to the house, needless to say, it was freezing…it was 2:00 in the morning and I knocked on the door and of course they were scared to open it, but they finally did…I at that time said Thanks Dad!!!! I do believe he was there to save me from a tragedy..I saw that tree coming right at me and I stopped just inches short of ramming it…I was sure dad was there.. believe it or not!!! I sure do..

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